Third Act Gatherings

Our next event (via Zoom) is on Tuesday March 12th at 12PM ET. Our featured guest is Shaylyn Romney Garrett. For details and registration info, click here.

‘Ikigai’ is a Japanese concept that combines the terms ‘iki’ (‘alive’ or ‘life’) with and ‘gai’ (‘benefit’ or ‘worth’). Third Act volunteers have come together around the mission of Third Act, and what that work means to our communities and our kids – now and in the future. That sense of ikigai binds us together. It’s also the reason we’re refired, not retired.

As rational observers of the world who’ve been around the block a few times, we aren’t naïve about our work. Between reading the news and talking to the people around us, it’s not hard to find reasons to be less than optimistic. Yet, we share hope. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be doing what we do.