SolaVida has hosted public gatherings on climate change across the country with a wide variety of partners for several years now. That work has taken on a new direction of late – and that work is accelerating quickly.

As with so many other daunting problems of our time, working on climate change burns people out. Holding grief, joy, wins, losses, frustration, resilience, and all that comes with making change happen is extremely difficult for people. To address that problem, we’ve recently been leading interactive sessions built around an unusual and diverse body of content. We’ve tested the idea with groups of 15-25 people, and the response has been quite encouraging. Work is underway with regional and national organizations to scale that up – including with

Previously, we worked with state chapters of Public Interest Research Groups, Interfaith Power and Light and other organizations in New England and Colorado on a different type of gathering. These events focused on bringing in groups of people who might not otherwise be engaged in conversations about climate change. Each event revolved around a film, followed by a panel discussion with the audience. Panels have consisted of documentary filmmakers, low income community advocates, scientists, sportspeople, legislators, and others.

Click on the images below to see trailers for the films screened in those events.