State Spending Analysis

To date, climate change (both mitigation and adaptation) has been treated as a disaggregated problem by state and federal government. As time goes on, that approach becomes increasingly unwise – especially in the face of data indicating that society is far from making the progress required.

Over time, we can expect to see state governments develop comprehensive plans for tackling climate challenge strategically. These plans will require careful attention to rational allocation of funding for state initiatives and programs.

In the summer of 2020, SolaVida collaborated with the University of New Hampshire Sustainability Institute on a pilot project designed to address this question, including demonstrating how to gather, organize and assess the information needed. The pilot developed a straightforward two-part methodology. As an example, we then applied the idea to spending on climate change and clean energy in Vermont.

Click here to download the Part One report.

We would be happy to provide our thoughts to others who would like to apply this idea in their state. Also, to assist any organization that has the staff and funding to complete the second part of the Vermont analysis.