A key piece of the puzzle is the creation of messages and enabling actions that motivate people to become part of the solution. But, not all people with one monolithic approach. Instead, SolaVida’s focus is to work within individual communities, tailoring the approach to the unique interests and perspectives of each group. All communities have a connection to climate change – the health of the planet is connected to everything we do.

Professional Communities

One clear way to think about how groups of people connect to global warming is to consider the expected impacts on their work lives. The effects of climate change will be felt in every profession – with a great many facing dramatic changes that will drive deep systemic changes. Medical and health professionals are beginning to recognize the full range of impacts that global warming will have on human health. This is an opportune moment for the health care industry to lead a global dialog about the need to create a new clean energy economy.

Another example is the commercial insurance industry. For more than a decade now, these businesses have changed the way they think about weather related risk. Deep concerns have been expressed throughout the industry, and in testimony before the US Congress by many of these companies. The industry’s ability to respond to the growing severity and frequency of storms across the planet is a fundamental question.

Communities Outside of Work

Our lives outside of work create a different set of things to think about. Much of our leisure time is spent doing things that benefit our physical and mental health, as well as the well-being of our families and friends. Other time is spent working local community groups. Few of these pastimes and pursuits will not be affected by climate change. Changes are already occurring – and the scientific analysis is telling us that how we interact with the world around us is going to be radically transformed.

As in the professional world, a few of these communities have recognized the need to speak out now about government inaction, and people are working hard to raise awareness among their constituencies. One particularly encouraging sign is the increasingly outspoken leadership emerging from the faith-based community.